Welcome , be nice to stranger.

new guy aduhh ==

wana , i think u are going crazy right now .
why ?
what is going on actually ?
what are u talking about .
speechless duhh =='
yeah , right -,-'
oke2. now sape ?
sape what ?
that 'new guys' in ur blog lah dude . ^^
ouh i don't know .
haha gilaa .
what u call me gilaa ?
u yg gilaa oke ?
yeah right . just forget about it .
oke fine .
btw who's the guy yg u fall in love tuh ?
story lah babe ;)
haha belom mase weh,
nty i sharing maring dgn u maa. haha
yela2. i'm waiting oke .

woahh ? new guy ? ade ke ?
maybe ? ntah la . fall in love ?
x kod . suke-suke tuh ade la
? haha aku takut crush lagy lah.
kang jd mcm tuh takot pulak .
maybe one day aku akn crite but ...
bkn skrg lah belom mase .
sbb tgh stabilkan emosi nie
hahaha . tak ready lgy nk ckp psl nie .
ahahaha .


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