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Crush, hoping his the last.

                    Assalammualaikum , and hey readers, how its going ? haha hmm. Aku? hmmm mcm ni lah on off on off je , sekejap okay , sekejap tak sehat . Yelah sekarang musim demam kan. hmm. Wuuuuu, taksuka doh demam demam ni, sakit . hmmm. well, dah dah . taknak cerita pasal aku demam ke tak, yelahh . sekarang cuaca pon tak menentukan ? haihhh. lol. hmmm. waana ada crush baru dahhh. waaaaa. mm. dulu kemain lagi kan ? haha . Macam macam azam tulah nilahhh, at last mcm ni jugak . hmmm. tapi haha kali ni lain ouhh. haha 

Dear Crush,
i know that you will never realise my feelings towards you, when i see your face . I saw butterflies inside me. I dont know why, everytime i see you, your smile , your action , it makes me so madly in love with you . Maybe its sounds crazy, but yeah its fact .I dont know why , i dont have any idea.Everytime i saw you , my heart skip a beat. And never stop since that moment. What should I do? I cant even do anything without you. hmmm. Maybe this things will kept forever. Thanks for everything dear crush .

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